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Topic (holidays)

Christmas Holiday Homework 2019

Your task this holiday, is to find out any information you can about the sacking of Lindisfarne - linking to our Viking topic. You can present the information however you wish - through writing, artwork, sculpture, poetry, weaving or even music!

Enjoy your holidays and see you all next year!


Some good research was carried out!

Half term homework (set 15.02.19 for 25)

Next half term, we shall be studying life cycles. As an introduction to this, you have been given an empty pot and seeds to begin to investigate your very own life cycle. You will need to provide the seeds with what they need to grow and bring them into school on the first Monday after half term. I would recommend decorating your pot (you may even change your pot if you wish) or at least marking it with your name to avoid confusion in the coming weeks.

Alongside this, I would like you to illustrate what you have done to start this cycle. This may be in the form of writing what you did, drawing... or even an alternative art form to show what you did with your seeds to begin the growth process.

Have a good holiday! :) 

Your equipment to start your will need this throughout next half term!

Half Term Homework (set 19.10.18 for 29.10.18)

Your homework for this holiday, is to create your own masterpiece using only natural resources. It may be something that you can make and bring into school, or it may be something you cannot move and need to take pictures of instead. 

Ideas for creations may include:

  • Fruit sculpting
  • Leaf pictures
  • Sand sculptures
  • Shell pictures
  • Flower arranging



Enjoy your break!


A snapshot of some of our work we created.