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The Boggle

The Boggle

On Monday, as we finished the register, we found a mysterious letter. It was a bit messy and grubby. Mrs Finlay read it aloud to us. It was from something called "The Boggle" which said it lived on Muddy Marsh past the Concrete Kingdom. You can read the letter below.

We decided to go into "Concrete Kingdom" (we think The Boggle means the playground) and create some food for The Boggle. In the letter it said that it enjoys eating lines, curves, letters and numbers. So we left some "Boggle food" on the playground.

We then went onto "Muddy Marsh" (The Boggle has given the field this name). Here we looked around to se if we could find any evidence of the Boggle. We dug holes to see if it was underground. We wrote notes and posted them into little nooks and crannies in the walls and fences. The Boggle did tell us in its letter that it was very small and shy but that it is around watching us as we play, so you never know it maybe is listening, watching and learning from us.