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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.


Arlecdon Primary School- School Offer for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Schools have a duty to publish on their website what they offer to families of children with SEN. At Arlecdon Primary we are a small, inclusive school with a wide-range of experience in supporting pupils with SEN and their families.


What we offer:

  • Wheelchair accessible building.
  • Shower facilities
  • Regular academic monitoring, termly reports to parents.
  • Struggling pupils/ SEN pupils tracking using a personalised education programme (IEP).
  • Staff available to speak with parents/ carers daily. Regular termly meetings for parents/carers of a pupil on an IEP.
  • Parent/Pupil views sought and acted upon to improve the quality of service provided. ( surveys, meetings, school council)
  • Experienced Governing Body who oversee Pupil Welfare.
  • Strong links with secondary feeder schools. Transition arrangements in place.
  •  In-school transition is smooth as only three classes in school. Pupils and staff know each other very well.
  • Strong links with specialist teachers and other professionals including Educational Psychology, Health Visitors, Family Action, Young Carers, Pupil Referral Unit and Specialist Teacher Service.
  • SENCO role undertaken by Head Teacher of the school, deputy is Senior Teacher  ( 01946 861409- ask to speak with Mrs Figes.)
  • Regular training to up-skill staff in order to support various needs. This includes ‘Dyslexia awareness’ and supporting children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.


Spending on SEN:

  • The majority of our budget is used on personnel. We aim to keep small class sizes and maintain our experienced teaching assistants.
  • Teaching Assistants and Teachers are used to do small group, one to one and paired support sessions through-out the week. These include Read Write Inc support, accelerated learning in maths and personalised programmes specific to an IEP.
  • We have invested in up-skilling staff. Our Senior Teacher is training to be a SENCO through the University of Cumbria.
  • We have a part time welfare TA to support emotional needs.
  • We spend a portion of our budget on resources to support SEN pupils. This has included Reading Intervention costs in the past.
  • We spend some of our budget on training for staff and covering the supply costs. Where possible staff attend after-school training or do extra research online. This includes: 'precision teaching' training to support pupils with memory issues and dyslexia, Dyslexia identification training, Autistic spectrum training levels 1 and 2 and improving behaviour training. 

Please note: We are unable at this present time, to support pupils with severe or profound needs owing to our small staff numbers and the cost of resourcing. 


Current SEN needs

17%  of children were on the SEN register in September 2020 

2 pupils have an EHCplan.

3 pupils are being supported through Early Help using contacts with other agencies

3 pupils are on the  Autistic Spectrum 


SEN pupils make good progress in relation to their starting points in school. In many cases progress is rapid. 


Equal Opportunities

Pupils with SEN are welcome at Arlecon Primary School. We offer small class sizes and high pupil: staff ratios. Our small family atmosphere is well-suited to pupils who have learning needs. Moreover, we are able to build strong relationships with our families which help home and school to communicate effectively for the benefit of the child. 

Our small size and the nature of our building does make it a challenge to cater for children with complex and profound needs. We would advise a visit to the school and a meeting with Mrs Wendy Figes ( Executive Head teacher and SENCO) if you feel this may be the case.


Access facilities:

  • The majority of our building is wheel chair accessible but not all
  • We have a private shower for changing
  • We have projectors and a PA to support those with visual and auditory learning needs


We do not have:

  • disabled toilets


Our policy is to ensure that pupils with SEN receive the support they require and that their opportunities are not reduced in any way. Pupils on the SEN register will work within their own year groups for the majority of the school week and where possible support and interventions will take place in the classroom. SEN pupil attainment is monitored by the Federated Governing Board. We work to create a culture which doesn't allow bullying in any form in school, we are aware that pupils with SEN are more likely to be a target for bullying than many other groups and we take all incidents of discrimination seriously. 


Pupils who have behaviour which is disruptive, aggressive or violent, are likely to be separated from their peers for periods of time, if they cause a risk to other pupils and staff. This might be an internal or external exclusion. Pupils who fall in this category will have a separate risk assessment linked to their needs in school and for external trips and visits. 

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and you have any questions or concerns relating to our provision, please contact the Head Teacher directly. Complaints relating to our SEN provision would be handled via the School’s overarching complaints policy