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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.

Roles and Responsibilities



The Head teacher will ensure that:


  • All statutory elements of the curriculum, and those subjects which the academy chooses to offer, have aims and objectives which reflect the aims of the academy and indicate how the needs of individual students will be met. This will include how the subject will be taught and assessed.


  • The amount of time provided for teaching the curriculum is adequate and is reviewed by the Governors’ annually.


  • Where appropriate, the individual needs of some students are met by permanent or temporary changes to the curriculum.


  • The procedures for assessment meet all legal requirements and students and their parents/carers receive information to show how much progress the students are making and what is required to help them improve.


  • The Governing Body is fully involved in decision making processes that relate to the breadth and balance of the curriculum.


  • The Governing Body is advised on the academic performance of the academy and the progress towards any non-statutory targets in order to make informed decisions.


  • The Governing Body is kept up to date with curriculum and accountability developments and changes as required by DfE policy.

The Governing Body will ensure that:


  • It considers the advice of the Head of Academy when approving this Curriculum Policy and when setting non statutory targets.


  • The academic performance of the academy and the progress towards annual non-statutory targets is monitored.


  • It contributes to decision making about the curriculum.



Co-ordinators will ensure that:


  • Long term overviews are compliant with the National Curriculum


  • There is consistency in terms of curriculum delivery.


  • Assessment is appropriate and uses the skills and knowledge agreed by the school at it’s heart. There should be consistency of approach towards assessment.


  • They keep the appropriate member of Leadership team informed of proposed changes to curriculum delivery.


  • Student performanceis reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that any necessary changes in terms of curriculum delivery are planned and carried out in a timely fashion.


  • They share best practice with other colleagues in terms of curriculum design and delivery.


  • Oversee CPD needs with regard to curriculum expertise, planning and delivery within their area of responsibility.

Teaching Staff and Learning Support staff will:


  • Ensure that the academy curriculum is implemented in accordance with this policy.


  • Keep up to date with developments in their subjects.


  • Have access to, and be able to interpret, data on each student to inform the design of the curriculum in order that it best meets the needs of each cohort of students.


  • Share and exchange information about best practice amongst their colleagues in different schools and through external networks, resulting in a dynamic and relevant curriculum.


  • Participate in high quality professional development, working with other teachers to develop their skills in understanding the learning needs of their students and how best to address those needs and engage them.


    • Work in partnership with other agencies to provide an appropriate range of curriculum opportunities.


Students will:


  • Be treated as partners in their learning, contributing to the design of the curriculum.


  • Have their individual needs addressed, both within the academy and extending beyond the classroom into the family and community through a curriculum which offers breadth, support and challenge.


  • Be given additional support if they start to fall behind in their learning, helping them get back on track quickly.


Parents and Carers will:


  • Be informed about their children’s learning at least three times in the year.


  • Be confident that their child is receiving a high quality education that is designed to meet their learning needs and which will equip them with the skills they need to thrive throughout their lives.


  • Be informed about the curriculum on offer and understand the rationale behind it


The Governing Body will receive an annual report from the Head teacher on:


  • The standards reached in each subject compared with national and local benchmarks.


  • The standards achieved at the end of each Key Stage taking into account any important variations between groups of students, subjects, courses and trends over time, compared with available national and local benchmarks.


  • The number of students for whom the curriculum was disapplied and the arrangements which were made.


  • The Governing Body will review this policy at least once a year and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the academy.