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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.

Religious Education

Curriculum Intent –Religious Education


At Thornhill and Arlecdon Primary School we believe that children should learn about their own religion and beliefs of others. It is part of learning about Our World, a key element of our curriculum.


Our Early Years Curriculum enables children to explore and develop in knowledge and skills through themes. Our themes are carefully chosen and ensure we provide the chance to develop a basic understanding of religions of the world that they live in.


We aim to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of EYFS:

-investigate and experience things; handle artefacts, visit places of worship

 -play and explore, respond to religious stories using toys or role play using their own ideas

-have and develop their own ideas and make links between their ideas


We aim for children to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of KS1:

-recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life

-retell and suggest meanings to some religious and moral stories

-recognise some different symbols and actions which express a community’s way of life

-ask and respond to questions about what individuals and communities do


We aim for children to have the following skills and knowledge by the end of KS2:


-Pupils should extend their knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews, recognising their local, national and global contexts. They should be introduced to an extended range of sources and subject specific vocabulary

- Describe and make connections between different features of the religions and worldviews they study

-Describe and understand links between stories and other aspects of the communities they are investigating

-explore and describe a range of beliefs, symbols and actions so that they can understand different ways of life and ways of expressing meaning

-Discuss and present thoughtfully their own and others’ views on challenging questions about belonging


Early Years

Key Stage One coverage

Key Stage Two  coverage

The Following Early Years themes have an Religious Education link-


Festivals and Celebrations


The World we Live In

Religions of The World