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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.

Well Being Week - Teachers Overview

Mrs Finlay's Class

As it was Wellbeing Week we have tried to connect, give, be active, keep learning and take notice. In school we decided that we could give and connect at the same time and decided to choose a friend who is at home and send them a card to say hello. It was lovely to see the happy faces of those who received their cards and we also got some cards sent into us at school. We also tried to connect using Zoom , but it was a little too exciting and strange for some of us. To stay active, I'm sure lots of you have been out and about on your bikes, scooters of even just walking. We combined being active with our maths sessions and also linked to National Storytelling week and our story The Three Billy Goats Gruff- we used apparatus in the hall to trip trap over the bridge or crawl underneath like the grumpy Troll.


Mrs Mitchell's Class

We have had a wonderful time this week trying out new activities to help with our wellbeing and mental health. It was lovely to see lots of baking going on, on Wednesday as well as den building, exploring the local area and board game playing. My favourite day this week was yesterday. I really enjoyed seeing you on zoom and communicating with each other during the afternoon via 2email. Year 2 and 3 are very proud of the working clocks that they put together as part of their keep learning activities on Tuesday. You should all be very proud of yourselves this week, you have all taken on new challenges and had a go at learning new skills.


Miss Scott's Class

This week has been Wellbeing Week and we have learnt all about the five ways to wellbeing- Give, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Connect and Stay Active. We have had a brilliant week full of lots of lovely activities.

On Monday, we each began a kindness diary and we have been recording any acts of kindness we have committed throughout the week. We looked at a study which found that people who commit one act of kindness every day are happier than those who don’t, so we have all pledged to be kind at least once a day!

On Tuesday we all learnt something new. Some things we chose to learn were; making up a dance routine, listening to reggae for the first time, finding out about a country we didn’t know before, making puppets and acting out a puppet show and practicing a sports skill we wanted to improve on.

On Wednesday, we took notice of how we were feeling- in the Hub we painted beautiful Hawaiian scenes of waves and sunsets inspired by ‘The Godmother of Modern Surf Art’- Heather Brown. At home, we drew, read, baked and walked, just to name a few!

Thursday was our day to connect, so we held an assembly and saw each other as a class over Zoom. It was so lovely to see all of your faces! After that, we emailed one another on Purple Mash to catch up.

Finally on Friday we came into school in our comfy clothes, and finished off the week with a Moana themed Yoga session.


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