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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.

EYFS had an amazing time at Watchtree Nature Reserve

Today was our final trip of sports week. We went to Watchtree nature reserve. The sun was shining as we walked along the winding paths. Each group had a chance to go on a scavenger hunt, a woodland trail and whizz around on the bikes. In the scavenger hunt we were finding signs, barrels, benches, windmills and even a crashed jet engine! On the woodland trail we saw birds, deer, apple trees, berries and lots and lots of puddles. We decided we couldn't go over them, we couldn't go under them so we had to go AROUND them. Some of us even thought we'd found a dinosaur path, it was scaly and bumpy then disappeared under a giant rock. When we had our turn on the bikes we got to choose a balance bike, whizzing around the square and up and down the bump in the middle. Then the adults gave us all a leisurely ride on the big bike built for four.


What an amazing end to a fun filled but very tiring week. All the children have been a credit to our school. They were polite, well behaved and spent the whole time smiling, laughing and enjoying being outdoors. Each and every one of them have had a go at all the activities, they have learned how to do things safely and bounced back when faced with a challenge or difficulty. It has been great to see how confident they all were and how they worked with their friends to achieve what they set out to do.


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