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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.

2020 at Arlecdon Primary School

Happy New Year from Arlecdon Primary.

We have so much coming up this year in our small village school.

Next month, our Key Stage Two pupils will join their friends from our sister school, Thornhill Primary, on a three-day residential trip to our capital city. The group will be lucky enough to receive a tour of the Houses of Parliament, as well as a visit to the Tower of London, a ride on the London Eye and a day at Harry Potter world. All pupils from Year 3 onwards can take part in a yearly residential which is one of the key events of our school year. The school visit a different city every other year, with trips to York and Edinburgh being venues in the past. School trips are an essential component of our curriculum and we try to embrace the outdoors wherever possible.

Later in the spring, for example, all pupils from school will take part in a forest schools day. This takes place termly and is a key part of our curriculum. As a school, we believe that time spent outside is essential to pupil emotional well-being and helps support a healthy lifestyle. The forest school agenda helps to develop resilience, build co-operation and introduce our pupils to new skills within the natural environment. We are lucky enough to have our own amazing outdoor space too, which all children are able to use during the school year to support their curricular learning. We know that much can be learnt outside the classroom.

Last term, all pupils enjoyed a residential as one of the school’s regular ‘sleep over’ events. This meant embracing the outdoors in a different kind of way: to view the stars. The pupils enjoyed a ‘space sleepover’ where they learnt about the night sky and went star spotting. This is a regular event in school and one of a number of special events which take place in our yearly calendar. We are lucky enough to live in an area with very little light pollution which makes star-gazing much easier.

At the end of the month we have our public speaking event.  The theme this year is ‘How I would make the world a better place’. All the children get a chance to take part, delivering their speech in front of our judging panel. The winner is the child who delivers their points in a clear convincing way. At Arlecdon, we are keen that children develop their voice and learn to speak passionately about the things they believe in. We see this as an essential skill for the future and even our youngest children are encouraged to take part in the public speaking competition.  We often have local people in to speak to the children about their life and work, as an inspiration but also to role model this skill. In November, we were lucky to have a serving member of the armed forces, Mr Crone, who spoke to our pupils about what remembrance means to him.

We are an inclusive school and our aim is to serve our community, preparing pupils for the next stage in their lives and raising aspiration through exposure to varied and differing environments and by providing a challenging curriculum. Our small mixed age classes allow for pupils to work at their own pace, with support if required. We have a hands-on approach in every classroom and promote investigation and enjoyment in all we do.