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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.


Teachers from the Primary schools within West Lakes Multi Academy Trust have produced some you tube videos demonstrating different methods that are used in Maths to work out calculations. Please have a look at them as they will help you with your Maths work.


Introduction to Concrete Pictorial and Abstract -

CPA Approach to Subtraction -

CPA Approach to Addition -

CPA Approach to Division -

CPA Approach to Multiplication -

Column Addition -

Column Subtraction -

Column Subtraction part 2 -

Diving Deeper -

How to learn times tables -

Long Division -

Long multiplication -

Place value -

Short Division -

Short Multiplication -

These guides provide information about what your child will be covering throughout the year.