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Safety, Learning, Respect- our three key values. Arlecdon primary School is proud to be part of the West lakes Multi-Academy Trust.


We introduced our numbers day by telling the children that we were doing some maths but we were going to use jelly beans instead of normal counters.

Everyone promised to keep the jelly beans on the plate and not to eat any - just yet!

First we looked at a plate of jelly beans together. We sorted them into different coloured piles and then, as we like to do, we did 'what can you see?'

Then we separated into different groups. 

Our younger Nursery children gain sorted by colour and then they used their subitising skills to answer 'what can you see'.

they could find and point to groups of 1 2 or 3. if there was more than 3 they could say that it was bigger than 3 as they are beginning to recognise that if there are more the group is not 3.

The older Nursery children along with Reception used lots of different number skills to find out the quantities they had.

First we sorted ourselves into teams and were each given a pile of jelly beans to sort. Once they were in their different colour groups we used our estimating (good guessing) skills to decide which colour had the most.

After giving our estimates we had to find out if we were correct so using tens frames we counted each of the groups of coloured jelly beans. Can you see which group had the most without counting?

We then wrote a label just in case you’re not used to using tens frames.

Some of us can see the amount on the frame without having to count- either using 5 and some more or looking at how many squares are still empty.

Finally, we decided to find the smaller groups within the bigger group of coloured jelly beans. Using each individual colour we placed them on a tray and looked for smaller groups - gain we didn’t count we used subitising to instantly recognise the amounts. Some children were able to see 4 by adding 2 and 2, others see 5 by adding 2 and 3 and some found 6 after seeing 3 and 3.

After we had finished all our number work we had some jelly beans left, so at snack time we each had 2 jelly beans to eat after our fruit.