Absence and Lates Procedure

First-Day Calling Procedure for Absence 

  1. Registers saved.
  2. Late children checked against registers if recorded separately.
  3. Absence calls listened to/attendance emails checked.
  4. First day text sent to first name on contact list within half an hour of school start time asking for response.
  5. If no response to text start calling first name on contact list within 45 minutes of school start time.
  6. Ring down contact list until reply is received, ensuring where possible that someone from outside of the family home has been contacted.
  7. Alert HT/DSL that this child is absent and no contact has been made within an hour of school start time.
  8. If no reply send second text and email to first and second contacts on list.
  9. Home Visit made if possible/appropriate by school or other agency involved.
  10. Contact Police if all other stages have been completed and there is still no contact regarding the absent child.  This should be done using the 101

Attendance and Truancy Policy – awaiting approval from Governing Board

Term Time Holiday Absences

Holidays during term time can affect pupil’s progress and as such we do not encourage this. We can no longer authorise holidays or other absences from school unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you will be taking your child out of school you need to inform the Local Governing Board in writing.