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Year 5 & 6

Welcome to the Year 5 & 6 Class!

Meet our students...


Christmas Play Songs

Fancy practicing your parts at home?Find all of the songs here!

01 Can you hear the sound of Christmas

02 Heavenly News.

03 Rocking and Rolling down to Bethlehem.

04 Hey Mr Innkeeper.

05 Sleeping in the stable

06 Three tenor shepherds

07 Marvelous magnificent magical Magi.

08 All bow down.wma

Boat testing


Testing our new vault.


Trying out some Victorian prison punishments!


Problem solving with ratio


Industrial Revolution Dioramas


Zoo Lab Visit

Come and meet some of our new friends...


Christmas Choir and Bell ringers!



Check out ome of our funky moves in P.E.


Transition Day

We spent a day in our new classroom getting to know each other...


Weekly spellings.

Posted: 16th Jan 2018

Groups 1 & 2

'ea' - sounding - ee

bead, beak, beast, deal, beam, feat, heap, treacle, tweak, treason

Groups 2 & 3


spacious,conscious, precious, suspicious, delicious, vicious, gracious, ferocious, malicious, tenacious

Please complete the work in your homework books.

Can you get into character? Complete the tables for characters' thoughts and feelings in your homework books - use the examples that are already given to help. You may prefer to change the layout, if you prefer not to use a table.

RV and LOL groups, can you justify (give reasons for) the emotions that you have written. E.g. "He is frightened because..."

Fancy a challenge? Try these riddles on place value...

Try this punctuation homework. Minimum requirements:

Pokey tongue/Cool dudes: Questions 1-12

RV/LOL: Questions 1-12 and at least one of the two passgages to be edited. 

Pokey tongues: At least activities 1-2

Cool dudes: At least activities 1-3

LOL: At least activities 1-4

RV: Activities 1-5 (for task 5, see if you can identify the word classes before you look them up!)

Do you need to practise your times tables?
Do you need to practise missing numbers in multiplication and division?
Do you need to practise 2 step word problems? (Includes dividing by 2 digits)

Group 1 (basic BIDMAS)

Year 5 - at least section A

Year 6 - at least sections A and B

BIDMAS problem solving

Autumn Half-Term Homework

You have an open project assignment this half-term, based on world environmental regions...

What are they?

What information can you find out about them and the differences between them?

What animals can you find in different ones?

How about plants and other wildlife?

You may present your findings in any way you like... through Art, Writing, Graphs and Data analysis... be as creative as you like.

Have a good holiday!

Here you will find lots of times tables practice for you to try at home. Time yourself and see how long it takes you to fill a grid this week. You may do more than one if you wish, but I shall leave these availablefor you to access at any time for additional revision.

English homework 06.11.17 - 10.11.17

Your homework is to create a profile of yourself listing your personality traits (as you see yourself). I would like you to draw a picture of yourself (this does not have to be a work of Art!)

Pokey out tongues and cool dudes may list the words around their picture (unless you would like to challenge yourselves!)

RV and LOL groups, I would like to see sentences including your traits - you may wish to look some ideas up as I am looking for ambitious vocabulary to describe you.

Remember: Personality traits ONLY - I already know what you look like!

Math's homework 10.11.17- 13.11.17

Try them out here!

Spring Half-term homework

This week, I would like you to undertake a project based on Roman Art - to create your own unique pieces. You may decide to draw/paint; create a sculpture; design your own mosaic etc based on Roman influences. 

Useful Web-links:

Homework extension tasks

If your child is wanting additional homework or to practise their skills, please see below for sites related to the work we have been doing each week...


The divisibility checks' page will help you to work out if a number is divisible by another number or not. Have a look and see if you can apply it in your own Math's work.