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Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Year 1 & 2!

Welcome to our new class of 2018/19. HaveĀ a look at the curriculum map attached to see what we are going to be learning about this term.

Science Week

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Colour Changing Celery

Science week

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Walking Water

Science week

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Lava Lamps
Computing - Programming.

Our computing lessons have been focusing on programming. Our WOW word for this topic was Algorithms. We have all had great fun playing with the Beebot and programming it to follow a certain route. We have also been debugging the Beebot when our programming didn't work.

We have used a range of technology to help us with this topic.


Beebot 1
Beebot 2
Beebot 3
Beebot 4
Beebot 5
Beebot 6
Beebot 7
Beebot 8

Seaside in a Box

Seaside in a Box 1
Seaside in a Box 2
Seaside in a Box 3
Seaside in a Box 4
Seaside in a Box 5

Useful web-links:

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