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Miss Jolliffe


Week's Overview - WE 090218

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Ryan Jacques – our star of the week – for his brilliant work on interpreting and creating pie charts.

This week, we have been revisiting all that we have learned so far in Maths and English. We have begun to look at the Romans and have started our own independent projects on our favourite parts of Roman history – in the style of Horrible Histories! Our recorder skills are coming on nicely in music, alongside our music reading skills! I hope you all have a relaxing half term J


Week's Overview - WE 020218

Year 5 & 6

I was very impressed with everyone’s performance in the Public Speaking event, so a big well done to all!

This week, we have been working with pie charts – interpreting and creating them. In English, we have been writing scripts and instructional videos for how to create orbiting planets (which we have been making in Art). We have now finished our Science topic of Earth and Space. Our next topic will be History based: The rise and fall of the Roman Empire.


Week's Overview - WE 260118

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Amelia, Gracie and Jasmine for their work on line graphs, showing comparative data that they collected. This week, we have been learning about how Earth experiences day, night and seasons. In Art, we created our own suns/planets with orbiting planets/satellites.

Well done to our athletic team, who took part in an inter-school competition at St Benedict’s today.


Please could all children ensure that they have their recorder in school every Friday.


Week's Overview - WE 190118

Year 5 & 6

Our stars this week, were Ella, Cody and Beau for their non-chronological reports on adaptations of animals, specific to their biomes.

In Science, we have begun our topic of Earth and space – identifying how we experience day, night and the seasons. We also made cylindrical pin-hole cameras; linking to DT. In Maths we have been graphing the decrease in temperature after boiling water, presenting our findings in a line graph. In English, we have been creating our own poems based on space.


Week's Overview - WE 120118

Year 5 & 6

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Our stars of the week were Chloe Finn and Leah for their fantastic recollection of fractions, and work calculating with them.

 This week, we have been working on a non-chronological report on the adaptations of animals, specific to their biomes, in English. In Maths, we have been looking at how to interpret data from a bar chart. We have also been creating our own melodic and rhythmic compositions in music.


Week's Overview - WE 081217

Year 5 & 6

Apologies to Hayden who was left off last week for being our star of the week for his fantastic solving of Math’s word problems. We performed our Christmas play this week – which was brilliant! The children really outdid themselves with their singing, acting and behaviour. Well done to all! We have also been making a variety of Christmas crafts with years 3 and 4.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and come back nice and refreshed, ready for the new year! J


Week's Overview - WE 011217

Year 5 & 6

Miss Jolliffe has been poorly for part of this week but luckily we have had additional help from Teaching Students from the University of Cumbria. They complete their mini placement today but will be back in the summer.

Everyone is very excited about showcasing their talents next Wednesday in the KS2 shows. Mrs Figes has been extremely impressed with rehearsals!


Week's Overview - WE 241117

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Lee and Cody for their great starts on their camouflaging collages in Art – I’m looking forward to the final products!

This week in Maths, we have been stretching our brains to understand and solve problems involving fractions. In English, we have been looking at the difference between adverbial and noun phrases, and how these can also be prepositional phrases.

Our netball team had great fun at the tournament at St Benedict’s and did the school proud! Well Done!


Week's Overview - WE 171117

Year 5 & 6

What a fantastic week for writing! A huge well done to everyone for their texts implying traits of a character – and a special well done to Ella, Jasmine, Savannah, Chloe S, Caitlin, Cody and Beth who especially impressed me with their work.

This week we have been continuing calculating with fractions in Maths and in English we have been looking at synonyms and antonyms and the effects of using them in a sentence to change the tone. We have also been busy making props for our play.


Week's Overview - WE 101117

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Ryan Keggie for his “email to a friend in character” as the Grinch.

This week, we have been adding and subtracting fractions, with some of us even attempting some problem solving and reasoning related to it. In English, we have been inferring a character’s traits from a text, which has helped us to move on to implying a character’s traits in our own writing.


Week's Overview - 031117

Year 5 & 6

A massive well done to Beau for his fantastic diorama he did for homework on the world’s environmental regions – we were very impressed! We have started our Art collages based on this topic, taking tips from artists including Salvador Dali in camouflaging animals in their different regions. It is rather tricky work!

Well done to Ella and Bethany who have earned themselves Golden Tickets for their exceptional hard work and progress in their academics. Keep it up girls.


Week's Overview - WE 201017

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Ella and Alfie for being Stars of the Week for their continued perseverance and enthusiasm in all aspects of the curriculum, which is really paying off for them. This week, we have been looking at the differences between determiners and pronouns (demonstrative and possessive) in English. In Maths, we have been investigating fractions of amounts and adding fractions. In Science, we have been investigating the rate of dissolving, carrying out experiments to see if temperature affects it.

Note: After half term, PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable half term.


Week's Overview - WE 131017

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Ryan Keggie – our star of the week – for his great attitude towards, and improvement in his Math’s work!

This week, we have been looking at how to approach word problems in Maths and in English, we have been studying modal verbs.

We did some work on black history with Mrs Figes and have been exploring scientific investigation skills through our Science topic of materials .


Week's Overview - WE 061017

Year 5 & 6

Well done to everyone who took the part in the Harvest festival – you were great. In Maths this week, we have been working towards using long division to divide by a 2 digit number. In English, we have been identifying different types of nouns and noun phrases, as well as changing verbs using all 12 tenses. In Art, we have begun to create some lovely silhouette pictures of the Harvest moon, using blending techniques.


Week's Overview - WE 290917

Year 5 & 6

Our star of the week this week was Deven for his successful perseverance in Maths – well done!

On Tuesday, we had a fun trip to watch a Science show by REACT engineering. We learned all about the digestive system and have chosen either to write a report or explanation based on the experience. In Maths, we have been working through the stages of multiplication and problem solving.


Week's Overview - WE 230917

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Ella, Chloe Sp, Cole and Amelia for their fantastic work on the Mayan creation story.

This week we have been looking at addition, subtracting and multiplying and dividing by base 10 numbers; all including decimal places. In English, we have been defining word classes and working on identifying them in sentences. In computing, we began our topic of computing, looking at networks and how they operate – using role play. We also finished our gods’ eyes in Art and they are truly beautiful!


Week's Overview - WE160917

Year 5 & 6

We have had an exciting week this week: we experimented with Mayan-based cooking, creating our own versions of guacamole and chilli chocolate truffles. We made Gods’ eyes in art, practising our weaving skills. In English, we have been looking at instructional texts and in Maths, we made boxes for our chocolates, after studying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

.Please note:

In the front of your child’s reading record, I have written target words for them to practise reading based on gap analysis. I shall check their reading of these and understanding of meanings each Friday, and add more as and when required.

Homework: The Maths homework this week is on the year 5/6 class section on the school website – to be completed in homework books for Monday. If there are any issues accessing this, please let me know.


Week's Overview - WE 080917

Year 5 & 6

Welcome back everyone; I hope you all enjoyed your Summer.

This week we have been recapping what we know from last year and getting to know our new class. We have started our topic of Mayans and have explored the creation story as well as producing some fantastic artwork based on five of the major gods.

Please note:

English homework will be issued on a Monday, with a hand-in day of Friday, whist Maths homework will be sent on a Friday, to be returned for Monday. Spellings will also be sent out and children will be expected to read at home (they have been shown what to include in their reading records and can do this independently or with an adult.

P.E. will be on Mondays and Fridays.


Week's Overview - WE 070717

Year 5 & 6

This week, we had a great transition day with children moving up to their next year group for some fun activities. We made paper models of ourselves and even created film canister rockets, and .

On DT day, we made fun-fair rides, using motors to create rotating parts.

Notice: Please can all children bring in a carrier bag with their name on ASAP.

Reminder: Wednesday 12th July is our trip to Beamish. Please remember that children must be in school for 7.15am

Play: Children should still be learning their lines, for the play next week.


Week's Overview - WE 300617

Year 5 & 6

This week some of our students and staff have gone to Kingswood. Miss Jolliffe has gone along with Mrs Hill and Mrs Figes. I have emailed photos out to parents and I think you will all agree that it looks like they have had an amazing time. I have heard from Mrs Figes and she says that all the students are having a brilliant time. I am sure you will all join me in thanking our staff for arranging and participating in this trip so that the children can have a wonderful time, not forgetting Mr Mckee who also gave up his time and went on the trip.

The students will return to Arlecdon school tonight at around 5pm.


Week's Overview - WE 230617

Year 5 & 6

What a fantastic week we have had, accompanied by great weather. This week we have all had the chance to take part in an outdoor activity: high ropes, canoeing, raft-building and paddle-boarding. Alongside this, we kept the healthy living theme going in school, with a healthy “cook-off”, a dance-off, designing our own circuits and finally some art work linked to healthy living. The children have all enjoyed themselves and represented the school beautifully with their behaviour on the trips.

Reminder: Homework continues to be the learning of lines for our play.


Week's Overview - WE 160617

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Chloe and Jenson this week for their fantastic progress in their Arithmetic starter work in Maths.

We have been applying our Maths and English skills this week by applying them to a chosen career. The children have been extremely enthusiastic about handling wages and expenses, looking at real-life costs and understanding finances, as well the importance of job applications and CVs..

We have also started practising for the end of year show. Everyone has now been given their script to learn their lines.


Reminder: It is Sports’ week next week, please can you ensure your child has the correct clothes and a packed lunch on the day of their trip. 


Week's Overview - WE090617

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Poppy, Elizabeth and Alfie Spedding this week, for their reports on their favourite animals. We also had 4 Golden Ticket winners: Elizabeth, Harry, Alfie Chambers and Caity for their continued perseverance and dedication in improving their writing.

This week, we have started our presentations on aspects of Gods and Kings in the Shang Dynasty. Homework: Your child needs to research their dream job and find out the average wage for this. I would also like them to research their ideal car/bike etc and how much it costs to buy. This is in preparation for Career Week next week, where they will look at handling money as adults. They may also like to look at other dream items, such as houses etc and find out costs.


Week's Overview - WE190517

Year 5 & 6

A massive well-done to Ella and; Gracie and Chloe; Cody, Caitlin and Harvey for their group project work on what life will be like in 100 years.

This week, we have been practising our new quick-fire arithmetic starters in Maths – with great progress already. In English, we created some beautiful pieces of writing based on recorded sounds of storms and nature. We also wrote a newspaper report on the horrific (fictional) attack of a giant seagull on Miss Jolliffe!

In music, we began to write our own music, using the correct notation on the stave. We tested our compositions with tuned percussion. 


Week's Overview - WE 120517

Year 5 & 6

A huge well done to all the Year 6s who have made it through their SATs exams – I am so proud of you all. We had great fun with a ninja escape to McDonald’s in the afternoon, followed by relaxing in the park in the sunshine for the last part of the day.

Also, a big thank you to the Year 5s, who worked on their Maths, English and projects in different classes while the Year 6s did their exams. I am hugely impressed by the quality of work produced – especially in the projects about life in 100 years’ time. 


Week's Overview - WE 050517

Year 5 & 6

This week we have been revising hard for the Year 6 SATs next week, with some fantastic results. We have revisited all of our old topics and been embedding our learning.

In History, we looked at the people of the Shang dynasty and how they lived.

We had a lesson with Mrs Figes about money in the real world, learning all about mortgages, wages, inflation and bank accounts.

Reminder: Year 6 SATs are next week. Children may bring in bottles of water and healthy snacks to keep their brains fuelled. Good luck everyone!


Week's Overview - WE 280417

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Ella and Gracie for their amazing reports on Crime and Punishment through the ages. This week, the Year 6s have been practicing for their SATs under timed conditions and have performed very well. The Year 5s have been working hard on their revision with the Year 3s and 4s in the mornings. In the afternoons, we started our topic of the Shang Dynasty, practising our map-reading skills to locate aspects of China. We also had great fun modelling the digestive system using tights, buckets, tubes, beans and sweetcorn!

Note: PE will now be on Tuesdays and swimming will be on Fridays.


Week's Overview - WE 310317

Year 5 & 6

Our star of the week this week was James for his fantastic use of punctuation in his writing.

This week, we have been working hard on our assessments and so there will be no official homework this weekend (except to relax!) Children should still be reading, however and there are Maths resources available online for children to practise with.

In Art, we have been experimenting with exaggerating features to create caricatures of each other showing specific emotions. We also had a special visitor in, helping us to create a felt collage of our school logo.


Week's Overview - WE 240317

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to our Super Scientists – Jack and Beth for their fantastic work and constantly-questioning minds. All of Years 5 & 6 have shown remarkable improvement in their scientific understanding and skills this past week – Well done! In Maths this week, we did some statistical analysis on our Science investigation into evolution; using bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts.

We enjoyed dressing up Circus-style for Red Nose Day, in order to take part in Circusology activities. We learned many new skills and had good fun!


Week's overview - WE 170317

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Poppy and Cody for their fantastic sculptures in Art.

We have enjoyed Science week this week, with: Fizzing teacups; lava lamps; dyeing daffodils; rainbow milk; rubber balls (apologies for the smell of them!); evolution; and finally testing our homemade boats in the river. Luckily it didn’t rain and we were able to get some sketching in too! We have been linking our learning to Maths and English and have an abundance of questions yet to answer...


Week's Overview - WE 100317

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Charlie and Ryan K for their progress in fractions these last few weeks – they have been working very hard. This week we have been using the bar method to work out longer, wordier fraction questions. In English, we have been indentifying passive and active voice by locating the placement of the subjects and objects in sentences. In History, we experienced some of the types of punishments that Victorian criminals would have received (obviously these were role-played, not realistic!) In Science, we have experimented with different shapes and water resistance: homework this weekend will be to continue with our boat projects.


Week's Overview - WE030317

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Lee and Harvey for their brilliant diaries based on the Highwayman!

Pancake day was a big success, with many interesting creations.

This week, we have been partaking in activities based on “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.” These have included role plays, interviews, picture creations, letters and our own stories.

We have also been calculating with fractions in Maths; multiplying and dividing them.

We have shared our Highwayman homework with each other – I am impressed with the level of effort that went into this – well done!


Week's overview - WE 170217

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Jasmine and Harvey for their work on portraits and isolating facial features!

This week, we have sculpted our own busts out of clay, based on ourselves. They are looking fantastic and we can’t wait to paint them after half-term!

After half term, year 5s will not be required to attend after school target sessions on Thursday. All year 6s however, are invited to attend (sessions last until 4:15 as usual) in order to prepare for their upcoming SATs.

Homework this half term is to design your own Highwayman (or woman!) costume – in whichever media you prefer. Enjoy your holidays!


Week's Overview - WE100217

Year 5 & 6

This week our star of the week was Chloe Finn, for her use of speech punctuation in her writing. We have been working hard this week and have been writing diaries based on The Highwayman. We had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday, tasting lots of food from around the world as part of our Geography projects (although Miss Jolliffe was disappointed about not getting any samples of crocodile!) We shall be continuing assessments next week, so could all children ensure that they are revising their Maths and SPAG this weekend.


Week's Overview - WE 030217

Year 5 & 6

This week our congratulations go to Amy - for her work in fractions, decimals and percentages – as well as Chloe Spratt for her fantastic progress in all areas and dedicated attitude. In English, we have been punctuating direct speech and in Maths we have been adding fractions and mixed numbers.

Please note: Our Geography project presentations are on Tuesday, so if your child wishes to bring in any props etc, please have them in ready for then. If they wish to bring in food for tasting, an allergy form should be filled in ,in advance (these have been sent home, but can also be obtained from the office).


Week's Overview - WE 270117

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Alfie Chambers and Harry for their fantastic descriptive writing, including a wide range of punctuation. We have been learning how to convert between fractions, percentages and decimals in Maths – with some amazingly quick grasping of methods! In English we have been practising all of our knowledge through sentence writing games – which we have had a lot of fun with. In Science, we are making parachutes, to test the effects of air resistance and in History we have been finding out about how the terrible Tudors punished criminals.

We shall be using our purple mash website for lots more homework, so if there are any problems, please let me know.


Week's Overview - WE 200117

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Caitlin – our Stars of the week – for fantastic progress in their ratio work!

This week, we have been working hard on our descriptive writing, incorporating a variety of sentence structures and punctuation into it.

In our history topic of Crime and Punishment, we had great fun debating whether case study criminals should be punished in a modern or Anglo-Saxon way!

Reminder: Please can you ensure that your child has navy/black tracksuit pants, navy/black shorts, white T-shirt, jumper and trainers for PE. There are lots of children with incorrect kit on a regular basis.

Reminder: Donations for the bric-a-brac stall need to be in school no later than Mon 23rd Jan


Week's Overview - WE 130117

Year 5 & 6

Well done to the whole class, who came back to school with fantastic attitudes to learning; getting straight back into some hard work!

This week, we have started our topic on Crime and Punishment – with some children telling us about some bizarre laws that still exist today! We have also started our Geography topics and children are welcome to continue work on these at home.

Homework: This week, homework has been set by Miss Dyer for the children to continue their computing projects, therefore there will be no Maths homework (unless you wish to go on the website for practice!)

Notice: Next week Year 5 and 6 will be starting Kidsafe training again; any queries please see Miss Dyer.


Week's Overview - WE 091216

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Beth – our star of the week – for her brilliant biography on Sir Isaac Newton.

The children have been working hard this week, preparing for all of our events. They have all demonstrated fantastic attitudes and strong perseverance. I am very proud of them all.

Please could those children who have been asked to dress as staff for the play, bring their clothes in on Monday (black/grey trousers/skirt and a t-shirt will suffice if they have nothing else in mind, as they will be provided with anything else they need). All other children will simply need school uniforms, as props will be provided.


Week's Overview - WE 021216

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Caity and Jack – our stars of the week – for their impressive progression in our tense work.

We have been revising hard in English and Maths for assessments next week – enjoying a variety of games, quizzes and competitions to do so. In Science, we have been writing a biography on Sir Isaac Newton – a very interesting man! We have been practising hard for our play and Christmas Carol concert and the year 6s have been learning the hand-bells too! We can’t wait to show you our skills!


Week's Overview - WE 251116

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Poppy and Jasmine for their incredible work on tenses.

We have continued our work on tenses this week and have made fantastic process!

In Maths, we have been looking at division – even moving onto double digit division!

In Science we investigated reflection and refraction: challenging ourselves to bounce a beam of light around the room using mirrors, to hit a target. It was harder than it looked!

We also had great fun learning the hand-bells and are looking forward to more of this.


Week's Overview - WE 181116

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Alfie Spedding, Ella and Amelia for their fantastic work on missing numbers in calculations. We have been focussing on multiplication this week, as well as tenses in English – all 9 of them!

We had lots of fun filming our anti-bullying videos, with some extremely creative approaches!

Children in Need was also a delight for us, as we got our own backs on the teachers through our super-soakers!


Week's Overview - WE 111116

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Harry, Alfie C and Jack for their fantastic Science video on how we see – it was very entertaining and informative.

We have started rehearsals of our play this week and are very excited about pretending to be the teachers! We have also been working very hard on addition, subtraction and problem solving. In English, we studied several different Remembrance poems, identifying figurative language in them and the overall effect on the reader.  In Art, we have been isolating features of each other’s faces in preparation for our portrait work.


Week's Overview - WE 041116

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Alfie C, Caitlin and Ella for their extremely spooky and well-written Ghost stories before half term. We also drew some fantastic portraits of each other in our Halloween costumes.

This week, we have been identifying the purpose of figurative language in English. In Geography, we have been looking at imports and exports and the effects on global trade of different factors. We have also been working on our verbal explanations using the scientific question of, “How do we see?”

We had lots of fun at the hockey tournament and are all very proud of our teams.


Week's Overview - WE 211016

Year 5 & 6

Well done to Alfie Chambers who was our Star of the Week for his fantastic attitude to work in all areas and his continuing progress.

This week, we have been revising SPAG; finishing our dioramas; starting our creative free writing projects and even planned a party in Maths!

We hope you enjoyed our performance at the Harvest Festival – we certainly did.

I hope you all have a relaxing half-term break and come back refreshed, ready for our Christmas preparation!


Week's Overview - WE 141016

Year 5 & 6

A week full of assessments this week, so well done to all of the children for their hard work. There will be no Math’s homework this weekend, to allow for some rest from all of that thinking!

Another congratulations to all children who passed their Bike Ability training – we are very proud of you.

We had great fun learning all about different creatures, through our visit from Zoolab – we even got to hold some of them!

Please note: There is a sickness bug present in school at the moment, so please ensure that everyone is being vigilant with hygiene


Week's Overview - WE 071016

Year 5 & 6

Our Star of the week this week, was Chloe Finn for her wonderful work in English and her identification of adverbs.

We had a fantastic day showing our parents what we have been learning and we hope you all enjoyed it too!

A reminder to children to remember to fill in reading records as shown; don’t just rely on parents!


Bike Ability will start on Monday so please ensure your child has a suitable bike, helmet and clothing (trousers and trainers are preferable).


Week's Overview - WE 300916

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Alfie Sloan for his much improved work and attitude in English.

We had fantastic fun this week, including our trip to see Glorious Blood – we learned an awful lot about what’s inside of us and even tested to see if Miss Jolliffe was an alien (apparently she’s not!)

Don’t forget about Bring Your Parent to School Day next week – the children are very excited about showing you everything they are learning.


Week's Overview - WE 230916

Year 5 & 6

Congratulations to Jack – the first Golden Ticket winner of the year – for his fantastic attitude and effort in every lesson.

This week, we have been working hard on calculating with base 10 numbers, as well as learning about the different types of pronouns.

We have begun to plan our Industrial Revolution dioramas and have been having fun on Scratch in computing.

Reminder: We are attending the “Glorious Blood” presentation next week, so please ensure you have submitted your permission form for trips (found in the information packs previously sent home).

Lunch will be as normal, at school.


Week's Overview - WE 160916

Year 5 & 6

A fantastic week this week with the children working extremely hard on their place value and reading comprehension. We have been looking at child labour during the Industrial Revolution-a grisly business! We had great fun dressing up for Roald Dahl day whilst creating our own chocolates and potions, as well as making boxes for our chocolates and doing some artwork based on the illustrations of Quentin Blake.


Week's Overview - WE 090916

Year 5 & 6

Welcome back to you all – I hope you had a relaxing holidays.

This week we have hit the ground running with our baseline assessments and some fantastic writing on our holidays, as well as stories based on dreams.

I was very impressed with the level of effort that has gone into the Industrial Revolution projects – well done!

PE sessions will be on Wednesdays and Fridays this half term.


We are requiring shoeboxes for Dioramas in Art if you have any handy.


Individual photos are on Monday 12th September 2016.