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Week's Overview - WE 090218

Year 3 & 4

Well done Albert and Isabelle who were the good workers in assembly on Monday for their multiplication and division work. This week in maths our focus has been fractions - adding, subtracting and finding equivalents.

In English we have looked at using apostrophes, both for possession and in contracted words. We have also created story maps for the original version of Theseus and the Minotaur. Then these were amended to show our new beast, hero and labyrinth. We will read our new myths to you over the holidays.


Week's Overview - WE 020218

Year 3 & 4

Well done to everyone who took part in the Public Speaking assembly.

This week in maths our focus is multiplication and division. We have used partitioning to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers and the bus stop method to divide. In English we have continued with Theseus and The Minotaur. This involved writing character descriptions, asking the main character’s questions, hot seating to give answers and using drama to think about a character’s thoughts, feelings and reactions.


Week's Overview - WE 260118

Year 3 & 4

 Well done to Albert and Isabelle for their perseverance in maths. In maths we have been using the bar method to find fact families and the corresponding calculations. Following this we then used this method to calculate missing number problems then moved onto to word problems. In English our power point reports on our chosen gods were completed, They were amazing and used research, recording, presentation and ICT skills. We are beginning to look at a Greek myth - Theseus and the Minotaur and will use this as a basis to create our own myth.


Week's Overview - WE 190118

Year 3 & 4

This week good work were Freddie and Aidan for their teamwork whilst researching, recording and presenting their work.

In English we have chosen a particular Greek God and researched them. We are now creating our own PowerPoints.

In maths we have used mental and written methods for addition and subtraction.   


Week's Overview - WE 120118

Year 3 & 4

Happy new year to you all. The children have returned to school eager to start our new topic – The Ancient Greeks. Our star worker awards went to Daniel, Sydney and Eoin for their homework producing fact files about the Greek gods. The research was then used to produce posters outlining some information about the gods.

In maths we have used place value for rounding, ordering, comparing and multiplying numbers.


Week's Overview - WE 081217

Year 3 & 4

Our star worker this week was Eoin for his work using inverted commas for speech and applying all the rules. We have been busy finalising and performing our Christmas play, which was excellent. Also, we have been busy making a variety of Christmas crafts which we will bring home soon. In pairs we completed Christmas/maths themed challenge to solve the mystery of Mrs Claus’ Christmas cake. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2018.


Week's Overview - WE 011217

Year 3 & 4

Our star workers this week were Freya, Isabelle and Sydney because of their excellent use of adverbs and adverbial phrases.

In English we have used Moz the monster as a basis for our writing. We will continue with this and produce new reports.

In maths we have been telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and converting analogue to digital time. We do need a lot of practice reading the time.


Week's Overview - WE 241117

Year 3 & 4

This week’s star workers were Aidan for his fantastic letter writing and Albert for his independent work in maths. Albert was also awarded Golden Ticket because he reads every night at home. In maths we have been working with fractions of shape, amounts and numbers. Our English work has concentrated on using adverbs to give our reader additional information about time, reason, manner and place.


Week's Overview - WE 171117

Year 3 & 4

Well done Eva and Eoin who were star workers for their research and reports about life in the trenches.

They worked well together to gather the information and then used it well in their reports.

In maths we have used different methods to divide- sharing, grouping, using a number line and then the bus stop method.

In English we have written letters home from the trenches, explaining to our families what our lives are like and what we miss from home. 


Week's Overview - WE 101117

Year 3 & 4

Our star worker award was given to Freya because of her growing independence whilst working. Well done Freya. This week in maths we have been using bar models to calculate addition and subtraction problems. Our English work has included being historical detectives, using our inference and retrieval skills whilst looking at artefacts from the First World War. We have also researched and written about life in the trenches.


Week's Overview - 031117

Year 3 & 4

Well done to the whole class who were awarded good work for their diary writing.

In maths we have been ordering, rounding and adding numbers mentally.

In English we have used retrieval, interference and predictions skills. We will continue to use these next week while we study WW1 artefacts and poetry


Week's Overview - WE 201017

Year 3 & 4

Well done Freddie for being chosen as star worker after producing an amazing fact file, about Anthony Browne, for his homework. In class we have written and edited diary entries as the boy from our story, describing the mysterious day we had. In maths we have continued to look at 2d shapes but this week we have calculated the perimeter of regular 2d shapes. Then we created our own 2d buildings and calculated their perimeter. These will be part of our Perimeter Parade display.

I hope you all have a great half term.


Week's Overview - WE 131017

Year 3 & 4

This week we have looked at 3D and 2D shapes including quadrilaterals. We used names and properties to then build our own shapes from marshmallows and cocktails sticks. They looked amazing. Luckily we have marshmallows left over to eat! In English we have continued to use Anthony Browne’s book Into the Forest. We have finally found out what happens in the story and have used this for drama, book reviews, writing questions then interviewing the main characters and sending an email to the little boy’s dad.


Week's Overview - WE 061017

Year 3 & 4

Well done to the stars who rapped and signed for the Harvest festival, you were all amazing.

In maths we have concentrated on multiplication and division, using games, bingo and spin and multiply to learn times tables. Then we used counters, arrays and our times tables facts to calculate some division questions.

In English we have moved on to another story, but we don’t know the title yet. We have used clues from the cover and a basket that was brought into class to try to predict who, where and what of the story. I wonder if we are correct?


Week's Overview - WE 290917

Year 3 & 4

This week in maths we have concentrated on subtraction. We have calculated mental subtraction of ones and tens from a 3-digit number, then moved on to column subtraction. To finish the week used our skills to solve problems involving addition and subtraction. Next week will move onto multiplication and division. In English, our innovated story maps have helped us to write our own versions of The Tunnel. Once our stories were finished we put on our editing specs and checked our spelling, punctuation and word choices using rainbow editing. Then we wrote and acrostic poem for original story. Throughout the week we have taken every opportunity to practice our harvest performance. We hope to see you there.


Week's Overview - WE 230917

Year 3 & 4

This week, in maths, we have concentrated on addition and number facts. We first worked on mental addition of a 3 digit number with ones, tens and hundreds. Then we moved onto addition using columns. We have all worked very hard and have achieved a lot.

In English we have created story maps showing the story of The Tunnel. Then we began to innovate the story to create our own versions. We have amended our story maps to show the different changes and we will write the new versions next week.


Week's Overview - WE 160917

Year 3 & 4

This week we have begun to use Anthony Browne’s book, The Tunnel, in our English work. We are learning the story through reading, talking, sequencing and looking at the setting and characters. We have also used conjunctions to extend our sentences.

In maths we have been looking at the place value of 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers. We have partitioned the numbers to show the value of each digit. Some children were so quick at this they even managed to fill a piece of wallpaper with their work! We can also order numbers and place them on a number line.


Week's Overview - WE 080917

Year 3 & 4

Welcome back everyone. This week we have been getting to know each other, our classroom and our routines. We have all settled in really well and are eager to work.

We have been doing our baseline assessment. Alongside these everyone has completed a measurement chart for our height, hand span, feet size and written a letter to our future selves. We are putting the measurements and the letters into our time capsule which is sealed until July 2018.

Homework will be sent home on Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.