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School Council

Welcome to the School Council Page

One of the many things which makes Arlecdon School such a very special place, is our School Council. We are extremely proud to have such an active and enthusiastic Council!

Our 2018 - 2019 School Councillors are elected by pupils at the start of the academic year.

This  year our councillors are:

Lolly and Minnie - Year 1/2 class

Amy and Tillie - Year 3/4 class

Beau and Cole - Year 5/6 class

Our school councillors

Our school councillors 1

Candidates reading out their speeches

Candidates reading out their speeches   1
Candidates reading out their speeches   2
Candidates reading out their speeches   3

Electing our Councillors for the new academic year


Past Events.

Council Cluster Event

We enjoyed our first council cluster event at Seascale. During our meeting we discussed the role of the chair person, secretary and general council member. We also had an opportunity to meet other councilors and talk about what their role is within their school.


Each academic year, the School Council has a specific project to focus on. This year their focus is on...


This involves many aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Councillors will be carrying out assemblies, workshops, organising educational visitors, arranging regular litter-picking sessions, running active clubs, making displays and much more, in order to educate and encourage all children of Arlecdon School to live healthy lifestyles.


We had great fun planning and running a healthy living workshop for EYFS and KS1 classes! We talked to them about the importance of eating healthily and keeping active. We did a fun warm-up and we led a fruit and vegetable hunt in the playground! We gave each child a certificate and a sticker for completing the workshop! 

We all had a brilliant time during the KS2 Bush Tucker Trial! Nearly everyone tried something new and liked it-it was a great success!