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School Clubs


Our WRAP facilities ensure that there is a club running from 8am to 5pm daily.


8am - Breakfast club ensures a breakfast meal before school starts. There is lots available to do including outdoor play, art and craft, books and games.


After school clubs run from 3.15-5pm and hot snacks are supplied. 

The WRAP space is available during this time for children who wish to do arts and crafts, play outside or play games with friends. We also run dedicated clubs after school during the school year.


These activities will run until 4:30 pm within normal Wraparound care. Clubs are £4* per session and food is included in the price and time (normal charges apply for care after this time).


Please could you sign up for the clubs with Miss Carney in the office, as it is essential that we know numbers of children, to allow for purchase of necessary resources. If certain clubs prove to be extremely popular, we may have to restrict numbers on a first come, first served basis. You can sign your child up for multiple weeks at a time, again please speak to Miss Carney in regards to this arrangement.


Normal Wraparound care will still be available as normal, until 5:00 pm.




After School Activities


Lego club

Year 6 target work with Miss Jolliffe (free of charge)


Arts and Crafts


Sports’ coach




Normal wraparound activities






*Please note pricing is in line with WRAP prices, which are due to increase from January 2019 by 50p