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Welcome Letter from Owen David Chair of Governors

Meet the Governors



Owen David- Local Authority Governor ( Elected September 2018)

I’m Owen David, I’ve been a governor at Arlecdon Primary School since January 2015.  I am a Local Authority (LA) Governor, meaning after volunteering to be part of the school, I was appointed by the authority.   I work for Cumbria County Council as a Project Manager, which involves maintenance and construction of public buildings right across Cumbria.  I am married and we have two young children that take up most of my time! When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy going to the gym, cycling and fell running.


Vice Chair 

Kerry Cox- Co-opted Governor

I am passionate about the school performance and am committed to ensuring that every child in the school has the best possible start I am a senior leader in a local school and as such have a deep understanding of school leadership and management. I am especially interested in data and outcomes for pupils.



Wendy Figes

Executive Headteacher

My name is Wendy Figes, I am the Executive Head teacher at Arlecdon Primary and Thornhill Primary Schools. I have a degree in History from University College London and a PGCE from the University of Hertfordshire. I started my teaching career in Hemel Hempsted in a Year 5 class but soon moved to London where I worked in the London Boroughs of Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham. I moved to Cumbria in 2008 and started working at Thornhill Primary. I became Head teacher of Thornhill Primary in 2011, following NPQH training with the National College. I became an Executive Head teacher in 2013. I became a local leader of education in 2017 and represent the area on the Local Area System Leaders board (LASL).



Louise Ellsworth Barnes- Co-opted Governor 

I started working with the Governing body in February 2018. I was a pupil of this school and both of my children attended here. I am heavily involved in the committee which is looking to secure the long-term future of St Micheal's church. 

I work for the local authority. I have a specific oversight of SEN and Safeguarding, including online safety. 



Jasmine Jolliffe- Teacher Governor

I have been teaching at Arlecdon for  many years and joined the Governing body in the summer of 2017.  I am the senior teacher in school and designated deputy for safeguarding. I co-ordinate music and science. I organise the local Science teachers cluster group. 


Malcolm Kight-Green- Parent Governor

I have been part of the Governing Body since 2017. I work for Sellafield Ltd.

My daughter attended this school until July 2018.

I have been part of the Friends of School committee for many years. I oversee health and safety and premises management, meeting with the school office manager and cleaning/ caretakers.


Dominic Fowler - Co-opted Governor 

I have two children in school and joined the Governing body in September 2018. 

I oversee policies and procedures.


Ann Routledge - Parent Governor

My son attends Arlecdon school and I live in the village. I joined the Governing Body in Summer Term 2018.

Blank Parent Governor Nomination Form

Arlecdon Primary School - Governor Election details



Governor type

Election Date

Re-election Due

Mrs W Figes




Miss J Joliffe




Mr O David




Mrs K Cox

Co-opted (Vice chair)


23.02.18- re-elected

Mr M Hargreaves



06.03.18- resigned 21/2/18

Mr A Rankin

Co-opted (Chair)


23.02.18- re-elected

Mr M Kight-Green




Mrs G Olley



Resigned 26.05.16

Mr P Richardson



Did not re-apply 02.05.17

Ms E Gooch



Resigned 24.04.16

 Miss A Lucas



 Resigned May 2017

Sharon Rossin




Louise Ellsworth Barnes  co-opted 21/2/18  Feb 2022
Arlecdon Primary School Governing Board - Declaration of Interests Register - 2017-18    
Name Name of Organisation Nature of Interest Date interest registered Date of Cessation of Interest
Wendy Figes Thornhill Primary Headteacher / Governor 2009 Ongoing
Alan Rankin Cumbria Police and Crime Commission Chair of Ethics and Integrity Panel Feb-15 Ongoing
Cockermouth School Vice Chair of Governors 01/12/2015 Ongoing
Be the Change MAT Board member 01/04/2017 Ongoing
Jasmine Joliffe Rosley C of E Primary Mother / Headteacher 01/07/2017 Ongoing
Kerry Cox West Cumbria Learning Centre Employee 01/09/2017 Ongoing
Michael Hargreaves No interests to declare      
Owen David Cumbria County Council Employee 01/01/2015 Ongoing
Malcolm Kight-Green Frizington Nursery Wife is Parent Governor 01/09/2011 Ongoing
Governor name Role in 2016-17 Meetings attended 2016-17
A Rankin Chair 5/5
K Cox Vice Chair 5/5
P Richardson ended May 2017 4/4
M Hargreaves   4/5
O David   4/5
A Mitchell    
W Figes    
S Rossin Clerk 5/5
M Kight-Green    


The role of the Governors has changed dramatically over the past years.  Previously, the Governors took an interest in activities in the school, supported the school in its role in the community and formed a link between school and parents.

Since the introduction of the 1988 Education Act and in particular the Local Management Schools (LMS), the responsibility of the Governing Body has been greatly increased.

Under LMS it is the Governing Body which is responsible for the allocation of funds within the school, including salaries, building repairs, heating, lighting and other running costs, and a multitude of other considerations.

This has resulted in a vastly increased workload, and meetings are held on an almost monthly rather than termly basis. Committees and Working Parties have been formed to consider particular issues.  Nevertheless, this worthwhile job can be very satisfying.

The Governors publish an Annual Report, which goes into some detail about the function of the Governing Body and its activities throughout the year.

Parents are invited to attend this meeting when the occasion arises.


School Profile

This document contains information on the school's progress, priorities and performance.  It is available online, hard copies are available in school on request.